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Why People Write SEO Articles

Search engine optimization techniques change significantly over time. Many SEO experts write about the changing field of search engine optimization in article format because articles:

  • Work well to teach people about SEO;
  • Help build trust with prospective clients;
  • Introduce your work to a new group of people;
  • Help build link popularity.

Two notes of caution with SEO articles:

  • SEO articles can and do become dated. If you are reading something old make sure that that data is still correct today.
  • Frequently it is easy to take the concept of the article too far to where it hurts other aspects of your site or business. For example a person may tell you to use keyword rich text and you may end up writing your site more for a robot than person.

    Do what seems logical. When in doubt ask questions at SEO forums.

SEO Article Websites

The following sites are some of the better SEO article websites.

  • Search Engine Watch - Danny Sullivan's search engine information website. This site has become synonymous with search engine and search engine marketing information.
  • Search Engine Guide - Robert Clough's search engine news and search engine article website.
  • SEO Today - Keith Liberto's search industry news article website.
  • ClickZ - Site offers articles from many of the most influential internet marketers.
  • Web Pro News - Site offers articles from a wide variety of SEOs and internet marketers.