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Link Building Tools

Link building is one of the most important and most time consuming aspects of search engine optimization. There are a few free tools which will help you check your current links and help build your linking campaigns.

There is also some paid link building software I would recommend but want to keep this site as non commercial as possible.

Most link building software programs create automated search queries which are against the TOS for most major search engines.

Top Free Link Building Tools

  • Xenu Link Slueth - Free download checks your site for broken links and can help you build a sitemap.
  • Linktree - Topical hub finder which allows you to compare the backlinks of multiple competitors. Pages which are linking into many different competitor websites may be a great place to acquire links from.
  • Prog - Tool searches Google and provides PageRank of each search result. Sorting backlinks while viewing 100 results per page makes it easy to see who your competitors most important links are and whether or not they are renting links.