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Download the Free Honest SEO Report.


Download the Honest SEO Report

The Honest SEO Report is a free downloadable PDF file which contains the same data that is contained in the pages located in the navigation section of this site.

PDF files are easy to print out and read away from the computer. I used font size 12 Verdana text so it is rather easy on the eye.

How to Download the Honest SEO Report

You will need a copy of the Adobe Reader to view the Honest SEO report. If you do not have the Adobe Reader you may download it free here.

To read the Honest SEO Report simply click here and the PDF will open in a new window. If you want you may also download and print out the report by right clicking on this link and "save target as" or "save link location."

Cost of this Report

Free...this report was created to hopefully take some of the controversy out of the SEO industry and to help reduce fraud. Much of the bad reputation which is given to the SEO industry is based on a few fraudsters claiming to be SEOs.

Since SEO can provide such an explosive ROI many fraudsters and con artists are waiting in the wing claiming to be SEOs. People blindly purchasing SEO services are susceptible to fraud. Hopefully these questions will help you find a quality SEO firm right from the start.

This report is aimed at helping you find a good SEO provider, but is not aimed at teaching you everything you need to become a great SEO. To learn more about SEO consider visiting some of the SEO forums or reading some articles about SEO.

If you learned from this report please consider linking to this site or donating to any of the following fine causes.