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Keyword Research Tools

Targeting is the key to doing well with any form of search engine marketing. Targeting works well when you try to think like a searcher and about the searchers problems.

Free Keyword Research Tools

  • Google Keyword Sandbox - Tool offers related search terms but does not give search frequency.
  • Google Sets - Tool helps you create sets of related words by entering a word or a few words.
  • SEO Book Keyword Tool - Powered by Wordtracker, this free tool allows you to easily research and export keyword data. Results conveniently cross reference many other keyword tools as well.
  • Many search engines such as Teoma, GigaBlast, and Vivisimo offer related searches when you use their search engines.
  • Page copy and meta tags of your competitors.

Paid Keyword Research Tools

  • Keyword Discovery - Came to the market later than WordTracker, but has a solid offering.
  • WordTracker - Perhaps the most full featured keyword research tool and one of (if not the) most widely used paid SEO tool on the market. WordTracker samples search data from a couple popular meta search engines.