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Due to the commercial nature of the web and self interest of marketers it is difficult to get marketers to come together on a solution to help people out. This paper was designed to help consumers learn about SEO without being attached to any centralized body.

Where did the Idea for this Site Come From?

The world wide web was successful only because it was organized to be a free database of information with no central power. Had Tim Berners-Lee decided to keep the web for himself or place his own proprietary profit making system at the center of it the web would have never took off.

The single biggest problem with SEO organizations is that financial restrictions and/ or greed driven marketers prevent them from being honest and open.

Many SEO marketers make more money for their services because people are afraid to hire some of their competitors. Some people push random quality assurance tags, but as they relate to the SEO industry they are frequently “just a marketing angle.”

You should use your best judgment and research before you hire an SEO. While this list of ideas and questions is not all-inclusive, feedback to help improve this site can be posted on the associated weblog day or night.

The Focus of this Paper:

This paper will not review any specific SEO firms because if it did then it would be biased promotional crap like much of what else is available on the market – and thus far the market has proven that this does not work. This is simply a free guide of questions you should ask yourself and your SEO firm before spending a dime.

This site will have no sales pitch and no SEO preference. These are simply questions I wished I would have asked myself before I bought SEO services from a questionable SEO firm a longtime ago.

Some SEOs are Great

Not all SEOs are bad. There are many honest and hardworking SEOs who provide exceptional value to their customers. Unfortunately the ratio of effective quality SEOs to the number people claiming to be SEOs is low.

If you shop for SEO services by price you are likely to get scammed. Quality SEO services are not a commodity.

These questions will hopefully help you save time and money by making sure you buy quality SEO services with your first SEO purchase.

SEO is a Small Part of Running an Online Business

Many sites believe they can exclusively depend on SEO as a business model. These sites are also the ones which are typically hurt the most when search engines make significant algorithm changes.

Do not design your site and business model exclusively around search engines. Create a useful site for visitors which also is well coded for proper search engine placement.

If SEO is your entire business model you may want to change your business or you need to be prepared for extreme risks. Good businesses also develop brand and other intangible assets which enhance the value of their business.